Student Services

Services & Facilities

ACMT is well aware of difficulties that students face to adjust and adapt when moving to a country with completely new environment. We make every effort possible to make sure that your transition the new environment is as simple and tension less as possible.

ACMT has a network of people ready to help students in need. All you need is to see in person or email with your concern. They will be more than happy to address your issues as quickly as possible. A table below provides a list of people and area in which they can assist you. Please feel to see them in person at the office or email them to discuss about your issues.

Who you should contact to if you have a problem…..

Issues to be inquired or discussed Person to contact to

  • Transfer to other providers
  • TLLN and English language support
  • Problem with your study that your teacher could not help with
Hiral Patel(Principal Executive Officer)Available: 9am – 5pm (appointment needed)


  • Finding new accommodation
  • Deferment, suspension and cancellation
  • Attendance and course progress
  • Medical problem/Visa problem/Monetary problem
  • After Hours Support
Jia Rong (Student Service Manager/Welfare)Available: 8am – 5pm

(M): +61 425 054 521

  • Marketing matters and student’s concern
    about their agent
Vivek Paneri (Sales & Marketing Manger)Available: 8am – 5pmEmail:

Dai Yu (Sales & Marketing)

Available: 8am – 5pm


  • Personal problems…(Homesickness,
    depression or any other problems
Amritpal Singh(Contract Administrator)Available: 12pm –
  • Tuition fee,
  • Student concern about their agent
  • ACMT products and services
Amarpal Kaur (Programmer Administrator)Available: 8am – 5pmEmail:


Policies and Guidelines

Like any other organization, we have a set of rules and regulations to follow that is stated on the Student Handbook. In the event of misconduct, a disciplinary action will be imposed and this may also lead to cancellation of enrollment.

We have a comprehensive orientation program for you to understand the rules and regulations of the college. The orientation program is scheduled on the first day of your classes.